Youtube is a source of online entertainment that allows its user to explore several contents.

It is now becoming a very important source of earning for many people in India. It provides a platform to youngsters to showcase their talent and achieve success at a very young age.  After the covid pandemic number of youtubers in India has been rising  and now youtube offers its content creators a lot in terms of quality and funding. Youtubers earn money by applying to youtube partner programs which help them monetize their channel.

It’s crucial to understand that your YouTube channel’s revenue depends on various factors, including monetization strategies, income transparency, sponsorships, supporters, dedication, and more. There are various factors regarding earning money in India based on YouTube views. YouTubers in India can make between Rs. 2000 and Rs. 5000 for every 100k views.


Various criteria must be followed to apply for the youtube partners program.

  • Your channel has at least 1,000 subscribers.
  • You have been under valid public watch for 4,000 hours recently.
  • You reside in a country that offers access to the YouTube Partners Program.
  • Your YouTube channel and AdSense account are linked.
  • Your channel lacks dynamic content. Area regional rules are broken.
  • You abide by all methods for adapting a YouTube channel.
  • For an additional layer of security, you should use 2-Step Confirmation on the Google Record associated with your YouTube channel.

For every 100k views, Indian YouTubers can earn between Rs. 2000 and Rs. 5000. The amount that YouTube pays per 100,000 views might change depending on several variables, including the kind of adverts shown, where the viewers are from, and how engaging the video is.

There is no set rate for each watch on YouTube. Instead, the amount of money that may be made from a video relies on the kind of ads shown, how often they are clicked, and how much of an audience engages with the film as a whole. 

In addition, YouTube charges a platform fee that is deducted from the money made from advertising.

Depending on the factors mentioned earlier, the revenue per 100,000 views can range from a few dollars to a few hundred dollars.

YouTube uses two different measures or criteria to calculate your payment:

1. The pay for the number of advert views is called CPM. The number of advert views is the number of hits or views your monetized video receives. To make it easier to measure and quantify, advertising corporations like Google and YouTube pay you for every 1000 views; you receive a certain sum of money.

2. The number of ad clicks;

The second measure of  payment  is also known  as CPC. YouTube grants  you a particular amount of money each time a viewer clicks on the link to the advertiser’s website. This includes the number of people who continue to watch the video after the allotted five seconds.

A portion of the advertising revenue generated by viewers who click on adverts that appear in videos is also distributed to creators via YouTube. YouTube rewards its producers for every video shared on other social

media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. The creator and Google share in this money. In addition to these sources of income, YouTube also provides free services like tutorial videos and message boards for the local community. Because of this, YouTube is a fantastic venue for creators to advance their professions and generate income online.

Therefore the amount that YouTube pays is based on many variables:

  • length of video
  • ad-quality videos
  • number of visits a video receives
  • Views a video receives.

Importance of 100k views in India.

For a YouTube channel to be profitable, views are crucial. In the YouTube search results, a video with more views frequently appears higher. Additionally, having a lot of YouTube views raises the credibility and devotion of the business. Viewers will inevitably watch a video and are more likely to subscribe to the channel when a video has more views.

A YouTube channel becomes well-known and recognized when it has millions of subscribers or 100k views. They begin to become quite well-known in their specialized field. There are several channels with one million views. Some of these are famous or very prominent people. Once a channel has a large enough audience, it will draw viewers and make money. An average YouTuber with 100k views can make between Rs 2,000 and Rs 5,000. 

However, these earnings are erratic, and the numbers may occasionally change. As a result, a YouTuber’s earnings are influenced by their country of operation, chosen niche, and the kind of video they create.

YouTubers get the majority of their money from the channels’ adverts. The amount of money for these advertisements is based on how many times they are clicked. More people will click on the advertisement as more people watch your channel. The number of likes does not, however, correlate with YouTube revenue.


The most popular platform in India is YouTube, which has a sizable market. It works well for establishing a brand and growing a following. Many YouTube users profit handsomely from their video channels. 

More individuals will click on your adverts the more subscribers you have on your channel. The more people click on your adverts, the more well-known you become, and the more likely brands will collaborate with or support you.

Many people have turned to YouTube as their primary source of income and make considerable money from their videos. It is a difficult task, though. Making movies requires investing time, effort, money, and energy. 

To expand and increase the number of subscribers on your channel by Viral Promotions, you must consistently create and promote your videos. It’s very important to understand that your YouTube channel’s revenue depends on various factors, including monetization strategies, income transparency, sponsorships, supporters, dedication, and more. Hence, it would help if you also focused on all these criteria to raise your income.