Every minute, 300 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube, the most widely used platform for sharing videos. A minute’s worth of content is uploaded every 12 and a half days! You’re sure to find hours and hours of videos on subjects you’re passionate about with that much content to view.

It’s wise to keep track of how much time you spend browsing stuff on YouTube given that it’s not the only thing you do in your life. Now you can do that because of the “Time watched” option.

This function is accessible through the YouTube app for Android and iOS smartphones, but not through the tablet version of the app. Additionally, the platform’s web version does not contain Time Watched. It’s also uncertain whether it will ever be enabled at this time.

Please make sure that the YouTube app on your smartphone, whether it is an iOS or an Android app, is up to current before continuing.

Follow these  steps to determine how much time you’ve spent watching YouTube videos:

1.Your smartphone’s YouTube app should be opened.

2.In the upper right corner, tap the “Account” icon that looks like your profile picture.

3.Select “Time viewed.”

You may view the time on your watch for today, yesterday, and the last seven days here. Your daily average is another fairly helpful data that can help you determine if you’ve been spending too much time each day watching YouTube.

Please be aware that the “Time Watched” function will not take YouTube Music or YouTube TV usage into account. The watch times are calculated from any other YouTube products you’ve used to access the video material, except this restriction.

Items to Consider

You must be logged into your account for YouTube to be able to compute your view time. Your View History, which serves as the core database for the Time Watched feature, will be updated to reflect everything you watch in this manner. A video will not be included in your watch time if you remove it from your watch history.

Additionally, any views made in Chrome’s Incognito mode or any other browser feature with a comparable function will not be counted. Due to the privacy and security that these modes offer, that traffic is not added to your watch history.

When using this feature, keep in mind that YouTube’s Autoplay feature will automatically play one video after another. Your total watch time will also include any time you have it on and leave YouTube running while not watching any videos.

Google also notes that there is a known problem with this feature. It has an impact on the time spent watching videos on your computer, which Time Watched incorrectly reports.

More Choices

In addition to the aforementioned information, this feature includes a few extra options that can be used to maximise your watch time.

Call My Attention to a Break

You can use this option to create a reminder that will show up as you watch videos. to successfully remind you to take a break. It will automatically halt the video for you when the time comes.

Naturally, it won’t make you stop viewing YouTube because doing so would be detrimental to the platform. The reminder displays as a notice, so it disappears when you dismiss it or simply start playing the movie again.

When you enable this option, a timer only counts the time spent watching YouTube on your smartphone. The timer also pauses when you close the video window or pause it. Every time you exit the YouTube app, sign out, change devices, or pause the video for a period of time longer than 30 minutes, the timer is reset. Both offline videos and casting from your smartphone to an additional device are not supported by the timer.

Tell Me When It’s Time for Bed

You can choose the precise times you want to be reminded to stop viewing videos and go to bed with this tool. You’ll be requested to choose a start and end time for the reminder once you’ve switched the option to the “on” position. You can choose to ignore the reminder when it alerts you or snooze it for 10 minutes.

Additionally, you may configure the reminder such that it doesn’t alert you to bedtime until the movie you’re watching has finished. Simply check the box next to Wait till my video is finished before showing a reminder.

On/Off for Autoplay Next Video

One video ends, and another starts playing immediately. These suggestions from YouTube are based on the videos you’ve previously watched.

After 30 minutes of inactivity, while connected to a mobile network, Autoplay will end. The time limit for Wi-Fi connections is four hours. Both of these restrictions stop you from using your mobile data excessively or letting your PC run nonstop.

Make sure your watch is on time.

The Time Watched tool is a decent addition to YouTube, which has a tonne of stuff available for viewing. You can use it to keep track of how much time you spend watching movies every day. And you can set the app to notify you when it might be appropriate to press the pause button if you unintentionally get absorbed in cooking advice or observing how an internal combustion engine operates.

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