Precipitation may appear little, yet it may have devastating impacts on the objects it falls on. For example, if you’ve ever been in a region where it hasn’t rained in a long time during the summer, you know how wonderful a soft rain may be. The air smells clean, the dust has settled, and the lush green grass has begun to grow anew. It may be difficult to comprehend, though, that precipitation may have destructive impacts on the surfaces it falls on. When it comes to your Chimney Repair Westchester NY, precipitation may have disastrous effects on the construction.

Water-Related Damage

You might be wondering what kind of harm dampness can do to your chimney and fireplace. It can harm your chimney construction as well as the walls and ceiling around your fireplace inside your home, among other things. If it leaks down your chimney, it can corrode your dampers. When you’re burning a fire, your dampers are open to let the smoke out and to help create a draft that will keep your fire burning strong and steady. When you aren’t using your fireplace, you want the dampers to be tightly closed so that cold air isn’t drawn into your home as the warmed air is drawn out. This isn’t happening as it should if your dampers are rusty.

Other leak-related issues include rusty fireplace accessories and glass doors, a damaged chimney exterior, decaying wood around your fireplace, a blocked cleanout area, and a disintegrating firebox assembly. A leak down the inside of your chimney might damage your chimney liner. The chimney liner is important for three reasons: it protects your chimney from the corrosive effects of smoke, it prevents flammable items sitting next to your fireplace from igniting due to the heat of the fire, and it helps to ensure an efficient burn if it fits properly. These things will not happen as they should if the liner is cracked or chipped.

Flashing Chimney Caps

It should go without saying that the top of the chimney is another spot that might be prone to leaks. It’s there, just exposed to the elements. The easiest way to keep rain out of the chimney hole is to cover it with a chimney cap. When you look up at the top of the chimney, you’ll notice a large cement piece called the chimney crown that helps keep the rain out. It features sloping sides that overhang the chimney by at least two inches, and the slope allows rain to run down and away from the roof-to-chimney connection. But the opportunity remains. That is why a chimney cover is essential. A chimney cap, unlike a chimney crown, is something that may be added to your chimney. It’s like a small chamber with grated sides to allow smoke to escape and a sloping roof to keep rain out. Because of the sloping roof, precipitation will be channeled down towards the chimney crown and subsequently off the roof. However, not every chimney has a chimney cap. If you don’t have a chimney cap or if your chimney cap is in poor condition, corroded, or twisted, give Alpine Chimney Sweeps a call, and we’ll set you up with whatever kind of chimney cap you like for your property.

Because the area where the chimney meets the roof is so vulnerable to leakage, it requires special protection. This is where your flashing comes into play. The metal strips that cover this junction are referred to as flashing. They are carefully designed to divert rainwater away from the aperture. If these strips are ripped, damaged, or corroded, that section is not covered, and your chimney is leaking.

Keeping Your Chimney Safe

There are various techniques to keep water out of your chimney. Repairing your chimney top and flashing is a crucial first step, but for further security, you may wish to have your chimney waterproofed. Water leaks may cause any of the aforementioned damage as well as regions of mold buildup, which can leave a real mess that can be difficult and expensive to remediate when the rainy season approaches. Give Alpine Chimney Sweeps a call, and we can assist you in repairing any leaks from your chimney cap to your flashing and any other places that require repair. We can also waterproof your chimney for you. It may appear that this is a simple task, but it is critical that you use the necessary equipment and products to ensure that your chimney is properly waterproofed. At Alpine, we utilize ChimneySaver Water Repellent, which not only prevents your chimney from gathering moisture but also enables any stored moisture to escape.

Alpine Chimney Sweeps is dedicated to ensuring that our customers are completely satisfied with our excellent service. To that end, we are certified by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), the National Chimney Sweep Guild (NCSG), and we are also Certified Chimney Professionals. We are committed to keeping our clients safe and healthy, so when you call us to take care of your chimney, you can be confident that it is in the best possible condition. Call us quickly, before the rainy season arrives, to ensure that your chimney is free of leaks and the harmful impacts that leaks cause!