Our world today is constantly innovating, reinventing itself with each passing day. It’s easy to overlook the vast and varied progress we’re making in technological advancements – from artificial intelligence writing poetry, holograms bringing images to life or lab-grown food revolutionizing how we eat! Already much closer 3D printed eyes for medical treatments; brain-reading robots which can interact with humans more naturally; AI programs design works without any input from us. All these innovative ideas will have significant impacts on society as they come closer to fruition – so don’t miss out on this incredible journey toward a smarter tomorrow!

What are the 8 technologies that will change the future?

#1 Human-like robots

Clone, a Polish company is revolutionizing the world of robotics. They have developed an amazing and life-like robotic hand that has been designed with a similar size, shape, and muscle movement as a real human hand! It offers 27 degrees of freedom through the use of synthetic bones, muscles, and ligaments – no small feat when you consider its complexity. 

The company’s impressive work requires more than just technology; it demands an understanding of how to match AI capabilities with our natural biomechanics so they can mimic us in form & function. 16 artificial intelligence companies have already placed orders for their product & many others are getting ready to join them at this futuristic frontier!

#2 3D printed bones

Ossiform is revolutionizing the medical industry with its 3D-printed bones, made from tricalcium phosphate – a material mimicking human bone structure. This technology enables more efficient surgeries by creating patient-specific implants that can be used almost immediately! 

Thanks to its remarkably simple process consisting of an MRI and design approval; surgeons have access to a customizable solution that offers unparalleled precision for delicate procedures. Furthermore, due to its composition, once implanted in the body these specially crafted prosthetic bones will remodel themselves providing enhanced recovery outcomes.

#3 Artificial Neurons

In a groundbreaking discovery, scientists have developed an innovative way to link artificial neurological cells with silicon chips – allowing them to send electrical signals in the manner of our natural nervous system. These incredible developments could redefine how we view and treat illnesses such as Alzheimer’s and cardiac ailments; by implanting these robust synthetic devices directly into humans!

#4 Sand batteries

Technology is continuously found to benefit humanity, but this time Finnish engineers have discovered a surprisingly simple way of doing that: battery-powered by sand. By utilizing wind and solar energy in combination with resistive heating (heat generated when electrical currents pass through non-superconducting materials), 100 tons of sand can be piled into a 4 x 7-meter steel container for long-term storage and distribution as warmth to local buildings! This resourceful technique has the potential to revolutionize our future.

#5 Xenotransplantation

Xenotransplantation is paving the way for a medical revolution, with surgeons now able to replace human organs using animal sources. Two remarkable procedures have proved successful so far – both involving inserting pig hearts into humans. Despite this success, challenges remain as long-term effects are yet to be seen and gene editing must take place beforehand in order for immune acceptance of donor hearts.

#6 Wi-Fi

As the demand for faster internet connections increases, scientists are turning to what could potentially be a revolutionary new technology – Li-Fi. By using light waves instead of radio ones, this breakthrough offers myriad advantages with its incredible spectrum size capable of providing an almost unimaginable bandwidth potential far exceeding current Wi-Fi networks or any wifi connection issues. Although it may take some time to become mainstream and totally integrated into our everyday lives, experts in the field have already begun forging ahead into this exciting future offering boundless opportunities!

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#7 Electric/self-driving cars

Stop and think about it – no more manually steering your car, opening a window, or adjusting the air conditioning. Electric cars are evolving at an amazing rate; batteries last longer, charging stations popping up everywhere and self-driving capabilities getting closer by the day. Tesla’s Autopilot mode is already making waves in this realm of technology innovation but soon enough we could be weaving through traffic with our hands off completely!

#8 Flying cars

If we’re ever going to conceptualize a future with no more traffic, our best bet might be taking the skies. With many imaginative designs for flying cars already in development, it’s entirely possible that one day soon we’ll get around via personal transport devices like jetpacks – an idea people have been innovating forever!


Technology will always be developing and changing, in ways we can barely imagine. These 8 futuristic technologies could revolutionize our lives and make the world more seamless and efficient. From sand battery storage to flying cars, these inventions are sure to change the way we live for generations to come! We can fantasize about what is the future of technology for a long time, but one thing is clear – they will greatly change the way people live.