Starting from the first-ever computer made by Mr. Babbage, we have come this far in 2022 that we can now gain access to things in a matter of seconds. Today, technology is way different than what it used to be. From motion-powered lights to artificial intelligence, the world of technology is still evolving rapidly. This fast-paced technology rate enables quicker work processes, meaning nothing takes time nowadays.

Even if you’re not a super geeky person about technology, this Growing Tech Trends pace will give you a headache if you’re not aware of it. With the way we have gathered much information about new technology trends, it will be close to seeing manless labor in the future. So, if you’re curious about which tech trends will top the end, this is your chance to read and learn.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

With a booming craze over the past decade, AI has increased its fans across the globe. People all over the World have been head over heels for this technology trademark that’s still in its early ages. Yet, even from the start, Artificial Intelligence has brought comfort to our daily lives. With perfect image and speech recognition, AI is being preferred by numerous people. From a virtual assistant in our phones to a virtual housemate in our places, this technology is evolving as the days go by.

Another great advancement with Artificial Intelligence is its early detection of underlining problems. Whether health-wise, tech-wise, or economy-wise, AI is also superior in forecasting the weather.

Extended Reality

Most of us are already familiar with Virtual Reality (VR) because it falls in the comprised category of Extended Reality — together with Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality. However, due to the traumatic pandemic, this technology is a hot trend among people who are fond of games and want to escape from reality to a made-up world for some time.

Even if Extended reality doesn’t tempt you, it will make your experience worthwhile. This tech trend can promote games and enhance every field, that includes in-depth study. For example, XR can make the virtual experience feel real in the medical field in the medical area. Even watching sports with XR can make you feel like you’re there.

3D Printing

How many of us wished to print the entire thing to test it? Well, this is possible now. With 3D printing and machine learning, there are printers available. It is significant in the medical and industrial sectors, where prototypes are the priority in producing several gadgets and tools.

A 3D printer builds three-dimensional objects that can be made in any way and in many varieties. For example, the layering method lets you print anything from a prototype to various hand-held stuff.


A genome is a living organism’s complete set of DNA that holds every type of information and function for the body. Genomics is a field of biology that deals with the editing and building of genomes with technical tools. It is done to treat health issues and underlying conditions that have the potential to raise concerns.

Genomics can also change how people behave and look mentally and physically. There are no limitations to changing your features with the reading on genomes, so the possibilities are endless.

Edge Computing

Edge Computing is a topology of various automated methods that brings data storage closer to the sources. This enables data to be processed quickly and work to be executed perfectly. It is mainstream these days, with drones to manage crops and streaming video optimization.

The main reason it is this popular is that it enhances reliability and reduces operational costs. Though it is predicted to increase with time, we are already experiencing great help from Edge Computing. Take Netflix, for example; you can see personalized content for your country because of Edge Computing.

Quantum Computing

Another legendary technology that mixes with science to provide a perfect analysis of large quantities of information. It is a groundbreaking technique that uses quantum theory in science that explains energy behavior in atomic and subatomic genres. Quantum Computing also prevented COVID cases when the pandemic was fully blown.

This technique analyzes data regardless of the source to prevent major outbreaks and accidents. Even in banking, it contains data breaches and financial fraud detection.

Internet of Things (IoT)

Just like you must be connected to the internet to access many things, IoT works the same way. These days many things are moved by the internet, including our cars, doorbells, kitchen appliances, and TVs.

We can easily do our jobs remotely with IoT these days. For example, you can remotely lock your door or set up an alarm at work when you notice anything suspicious at home. We can check up on our pets at home using cameras and even preheat our oven on our way from work to make cooking easier. 

Cyber Security

Technology doesn’t seem to stop anytime soon, but it is also making the malicious side of technology prevail. Threats continue to evolve and come forward in new shapes, and cyber security is needed to tackle them. In addition, cyber-attacks are always fresh and challenging, so cyber security is constantly being reviewed to build stronger and tougher firewalls.

One of the top cyber security measures is a Virtual Private Network that ensures complete anonymity with the masking of the real IP addresses. Hence to ensure Oyster VPN comes with robust encryption feature that promotes safety from numerous digital attacks.

Wrapping Up

Technology trends are far from wrapping up, but unfortunately, we have reached the end of yet another article. Though technology keeps increasing and bringing the hottest trends, we should always stay on our toes to catch the best times that make history for future generations.