Shorter than a typical YouTube video, YouTube shorts are a fantastic way to showcase your creativity. You can utilise the distribution that YouTube provides for this tool to expand your brand. 

While this is still possible with regular movies, it tends to happen more frequently with youtube shorts than with your typical longer films. Overnight, short videos can go viral and receive hundreds of thousands of views.

Why isn’t your YouTube video receiving any views?

Your YouTube Shorts may not get views because they fail to keep viewers’ attention, which is a common cause. Each second counts more, the shorter the information is. 

Here are your mistakes and how to correct them if your YouTube Shorts need to receive views.

  1. You need to give your YouTube Shorts more time to get the attraction.

It can take a long for YouTube shorts to gather traction and take off. It’s normal if you upload a video and it doesn’t become viral the next day.

To locate a group of interested people, YouTube will test your shorts with various audiences. Also, this testing will lessen, but once it identifies an audience that responds favourably, it will display it to related people, and your short can then truly take off.

How to fix it: The best course of action is to allow your YouTube videos enough time to attract the right audience.

Only a small number of YouTube channels are automatically added to the YouTube shorts section, and most of these channels already have a history of having successful short-form engagement.

  1. Long-form content is what your audience wants.

The viewers of your channel might not be interested in a shorter version of your material if it delves in, develops a more extended plot, and offers viewers a 10-minute escape.

They won’t be as excited to watch your short as they would be to watch a full-length YouTube video when they notice that you’ve published a new film that is merely a 50-second short rather than a 10-minute video.

The simplest way to fix this is to make a separate channel for your brief content.

Also, you can mention this in your longer videos and vice versa for your shorter pieces to assist each channel in expanding and keeping people interested in each distinct format.

3. Your content production needs to be improved.

The key to building a following on any platform, including YouTube, Instagram, your website, and TikTok, is to produce new content consistently.

Because there needs to be more content to satisfy demand, the issue with new platforms and features is that those who get in first tend to acquire momentum very rapidly.

This issue also exists with YouTube Shorts for most creators. 

Solution: You need to publish more content to improve the chances that the correct people will find your YouTube Shorts.

4. Your YouTube shorts need to engage viewers.

The fact that your YouTube Shorts fail to keep viewers’ attention is a common cause of their lack of views. Each second counts more when the information is brief.

   When watching a short video, viewers seek fast pleasure. If they stop watching your short video in the middle, your retention rate will fall, and YouTube will stop advertising it.

You must capture viewers’ attention during the first 3-5 seconds; the earlier, the better. You only have 60 seconds for your Shorts, so don’t squander any of them on intros or other extraneous material.

Go right to the point, or if you’re telling a story, start with a hook to keep the viewer interested and then fulfil the promise made in the video.

With YouTube Shorts, you may further engage your audience using the “show, don’t tell” strategy. Seeing something happen is more intriguing than hearing about it in theory, and explaining anything frequently takes much longer than simply displaying it in action.

5. Too long are your shorts.

Do you think you need to use up the entire 60 seconds? Thus your shorts are excessively long.

You don’t have to use the entire 60 seconds, and if you do, the video will become less entertaining because of the extra fluff you added.

How to correct it

Your YouTube Shorts should be brief. If it is possible to convey the idea or value in 10 seconds, do so. Make your video 30 seconds lengthy if it needs that much time.

6. Be succinct and to the point.

When consuming shorter content, most consumers are accustomed to holding their smartphones vertically.

Making a square or horizontal movie will leave space on the screen, which is used to capture more of the viewer’s interest. While viewing horizontal video vertically, viewers can only see a tiny portion of the video if it has been made to seem horizontal.

Make sure your videos are in a vertical format to fix this. Strive for a 9:16 aspect ratio; if you’re cropping a video, make sure the focal point is in the centre.

7. Your shorts need to be tagged appropriately.

There is a small catch here, though, since YouTube will still classify your video as a Short even if you do not include the hashtag. But if you use the #shorts hashtag, it can speed up YouTube’s discovery of your video.

   You generally don’t need to use the hashtag if you’ve previously had several of your videos picked up and performed well, but it won’t hurt your video’s performance if you do. 

How to correct it

#Shorts is the appropriate hashtag to use on your shorts.

Whether you uppercase the first letter, it should be the plural form. So, both of these versions are functional: The hashtag “shorts.”

It doesn’t matter whether you include it in your video’s description or title.

If you want to benefit from YouTube’s growing popularity of short films, you should move quickly.

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