YouTube Views Statistics, so all the views come from various people and places. Not all videos get an equal number of views created by the YouTuber. Even the YouTubers can see that in their analytics, as we know that views come from both real and bot accounts. So the total views are received from the account of real people and when people like to watch their video. Bots are bots, and there are chances that they get caught more often. There is a different scale for both categories as well. At first, in the bot scale there, the user has two scales. One is a good bot, and the other is a bad bot. While imitating people, good is excellent because it must have valid referral information and might often slip past YouTuber’s filters. Bad bots come in huge numbers, and all use the same spoofed data and IPs with the same behaviour. Bots are cheap and plentiful but have a disadvantage in that they are easy to detect and filter.

Do Youtubers get completely banned from buying views?

YouTube has not entirely banned buying YouTube views. Youtubers can buy legitimate views, but they cannot buy bad views without risking sanctions. So on quality and source, the real consequences of buying views depend. Because of buying YouTube views, the video might not be counted or might disappear and can also be removed. Even the account might get suspended as well.

If any YouTuber has been caught buying extreme views or doing it repeatedly for the same video, YouTube will likely remove the video. If youtubers had a video removed for “viewpoint gaming,” then to bring it back, the YouTuber has to fill up the appeal form to get the video restored, and whatever flag is placed in their account will be lifted.

Why do sellers use the tag safe to promote their site for buying views?

As we know, the flag in any retirement account won’t show how copyright strikes used to be seen in their accounts because it is more like an internal flag. The YouTube community recognizes that the YouTuber has been caught for the issue once already. If that happens again, YouTube will look out for what is happening. After even warning the Youtuber if they still do the same thing, YouTube may stop their views or remove the video. Still, if they continue doing it, the worst YouTube might do is that the account of the YouTuber might be suspended. But there is no guarantee that the site will send valid views.

Different methods to buy views:

It is to buy YouTube views through the official website ( and channels that require paying through Google to pay for YouTube views. 

It is to buy YouTube views from third-party sources with legitimate views. 

How does YouTube identify fake views?

By the actions of any particular account, YouTube identifies that it’s the fake or real view because if it’s a bot, then the IP address might be the same, as well as their behavior and the way they are running.

Will my video get banned if I buy YouTube views?

It depends on how many times the actions or terms and conditions of YouTube are being violated. YouTube takes necessary action and puts a penalty according to that.